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by JennyoJens 10 Mar 2022

Hey Genevieve!

Thank you very much for including our art in your office makeover and providing us with this photo story by you and photographer Lina Arvidsson. It is exhilarating seeing our own work hung in an inspiring place like this. The art print "Escape" is simply perfect for a workspace in our opinion. It provides a nice resting place for your eyes in between those Skype calls.

JOJ: Tell us about your office makeover

Gen: Prior to the pandemic I was commuting a lot, so I didn’t care so much about the home office. I mean I had a beautiful office, very light and Scandinavian. But now two years into the pandemic working from home took on a new meaning. And somewhere along the way I apparently became a color junky! I can’t seem to get enough:) And so I looked up my favorite designers and started planning for an improved and more fun home office. And I’m so happy with the result. It really has become the new heart of our home.

JOJ: Curating interiors is what you do for a living, right?

Gen: Yes, I work as an interior stylist, mostly with brand imagery, creating PR content for international companies. So when I am not working in the studio or on a location shoot, then I get to enjoy every inch of the new office. I am French Canadian and even though I have been living in Sweden for 12 years I sometimes still count in inches. Once a Canadian, always a Canadian.

JOJ: Did you buy the purple frame as is or did you paint it? if so what kind of paint did you use?

Gen: Yes, I painted the frame. The color is NCS S1030-R50B . As for the type of paint, I used Sadolin because that’s the one from my local paint store. The wall paint is also Sadolin code: NCS S0515-R60B

Tell us more about the office

Gen: I think I can say that it has become everyone’s favorite hangout spot! On a daily basis, I share the space with my amazing husband and after working hours, our lovely daughter usually makes an appearance along with her favorite book of the day!

Shelf from @tonnfurniture. Beni Ourain carpet from @tropicalscandinavia
Photo: @linaarvidssonphotography
Style by @genevievejorn

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Yellow little darling table lamp from @swedishninja
Photo: @linaarvidssonphotography
Style by @genevievejorn

Your Image

"How cute is that little wall shelf plateau by @tonnfurniture. It comes in raw pinewood so if you’re addicted to colors, a lick of paint will do the trick!"
Photo: @linaarvidssonphotography
Style by @genevievejorn

"Just can’t get enough of that blue cloud" Photo: @linaarvidssonphotography
Style by @genevievejorn

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"How about that timeless Arigato ceiling lamp by @grupa Studio. This room will never know darkness again!"
Photo: @linaarvidssonphotography
Style by @genevievejorn

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Charles Aznavour looking at his own reflection in the JOJ art print Vinyl Guy. Wall and the frame of the mirror painted in the same shade of purple. 
Photo: @linaarvidssonphotography
Style by @genevievejorn

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