We have a 16 year old. Her school assignment this month include writing an essay on the book "Kallocain" by Swedish author Karin Boye. It's a dystopian piece written in 1940 and takes place in a totalitarian society. Boye wrote it 9 years before George Orwell's "1984" was published, that's pretty cool. The book is about scientist Leo Kall who invents a truth serum named after himself. The Kallocain drug helps the already oppressively government control their citizens even more by giving them access straight into their minds. It's very thrilling and if you haven't already- give it try. 
The book come in a variety of covers. I think this one is a portrait of Karin Boye. Don't you agree that it looks like her?
 Before you go...
- Swedish artist Elin Eplet Sandström included a portrait of Karin Boye in her "Sisterhood of saints" series. 
- We bought ourselves a Christmas gift from Eplet, a portrait of Shelley Duvall as Wendy in the Shining. 
- If you're wondering what dystopian movies we like the answer is "The Truman Show" and "Total recall" 
- Jens made a pretty dystopian looking cover in 2013. "Rasputin" by the Russian electronic music duo "Hard Rock Sofa".