When the moon is full in all it's illuminated glory I think of Tom Cullen in the Stephen King novel The Stand. (I've included a video below for those of you who don't remember him, it's from the 1994 TV mini series "The Stand")

As many other kids born in the 1970's Stephen King was the main reason I started reading. His scary stories from the American country side was fun and easy to read and since I have older siblings the books were right there in our family book case.


The Swedish title of The Stand is Pestens Tid. 
(Pesten=The plauge. Tid=Time/Age/Season) We had the hard cover above. Its a long lovely read. 
Here's another hard cover book from my youth. Misery is called Lida (=Suffer). 
Pet Sematary, was my first read of Kings books. 

Spelling lesson from Tom Cullen above, 1994 TV mini series "The Stand"

This turned up in my Twitter feed =)