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by JennyoJens 18 Feb 2022

Balloons, a warm bed, sun shining outside, wrapping paper, a dress picked out for graduation and a cat in a box. This was in June on Violas birthday and Saba the cat was enjoying a new box.


Today however is February and we took a tour around Youtube for some inspirational videos. 

Video no. 1: Freddie Gibbs rapping on a radio show. His son was with him backstage and insisted on sitting on his dad's lap. All parents can relate to this. Kids don't care if your busy if they want your lap they will have it. 

"Freddie Jr. keeping the 😐 throughout the entire freestyle alone makes this video legendary" , Mario, youtube

Video no. 2: John Waters talks about stuff that makes him laugh, a joke is not one of them.

Video no. 3 German in Venice, we love this guy. Authentic and lovely vlogger from Los Angeles. Check out what it was like to park outside the Super Bowl last weekend. WILD AND EXPENSIVE. 

 Video no. 4 Sarah Cooper impersonating Donald Trump. She does all his greatest hits. Hydroxychloroquine, treating Covid with ultra violet and testing positive. 


Enjoy and have a good Friday

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