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by JennyoJens 04 Feb 2022


Living in Sweden during February is a grey type of living. This is nothing new to us though, we've lived here all our lives and are used to not seeing the sun for weeks. We keep our camera close during this time, waiting patiently for the sun to come back. And sometimes it comes back so fiercely it hurts our eyes. Like last time when we took these images. 
The art prints featured in this post are: Photographic art "Girls will save the world" , photographic art "Parking lot cloud" , photographic art "On Track", Illustration "Carl"


    Before you go:
    The blue shelf is painted in Montana "Rosemary Blue". It's not perfect as you can see in the images it has been peeled off in some places. We don't mind that. We move the shelf around constantly so it was expected. 
    We bought the green Snoopy table lamp this Christmas. Ever since @dittedegn bought the Flos classic in 2016 and styled it with our Vinyl Guy art print we've wanted one of our own. 6 years later it is finally here.
    Did you see the small Dalahäst on the shelf? Here's a nice video of how a the Swedish "Dalecarlian horse" is made.
    You can see the paintwork done to the Ikea "Bekväm" step stool in our reels here!

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