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by JennyoJens 09 Feb 2022

Sweden lifted almost all Covid-19 restrictions today. Let's celebrate with a throwback post from when Jens and I went to see Axwell at Big Slap in Pildammsparken, Malmö. These images was posted on our instagram 234 weeks ago, so way before the pandemic, but I can't think of a better way to celebrate Sweden opening up then by posting about Swedish House Mafia. Jens and I have been doing alright during this pandemic. We don't mind staying home but there is one thing that we have been missing: attending a music show by our favorite super star DJ Axwell.

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House music is such a JOY! i love dancing to it.

And so is a "after the show burger".

Before you go... Here are Swedish House Mafia's tour dates this year. If you're in the US you can see them this summer but we have to wait until November when they are in Copenhagen. Jens has been making artwork for Axwell for many years. You can read about their ten year anniversary "AxtoneTen" here. The box was made in 500 copies back in 2015. Sometimes it pops up for sale here. Also Jens talks about the making of the book in the video below:

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"Picture with the celebrities" is mandatory.

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