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by Jenny Brandt Grönberg 22 Aug 2023

Hello work!
Getting my digital life in order is my main priority today as I'm transitioning from vacation - to work mode. I don’t wanna exhaust myself with a heavy start like organizing my desktop. Instead I start light; like Bob in What about Bob?” with small reasonable goals 

1. Change your profile picture.
Not only on social media but also on my Netflix account, Reddit and phone. This gives me the same fresh feeling as getting a hair cut, turning a page in my notebook, a new beginning of sorts.

PS. Yes, I'm still on Facebook. Feel free to add me as a friend.

Your Image

2. Switch out those bookmarks.
I use the bookmark bar to navigate my day. In the image above you can see them in my chrome browser on my PC.
Today I'm deleting the ones that are too distracting, those who have kept me entertained during vacation.
Full game videos like "Mario Wii worlds 1-9" is really bad for my work morale, not only do I wanna watch it I also want to play the game after watching.
It really has to go. So does the bookmark to "Archive of our own" over 50000 fandoms to explore. (I've given up TV shows for fan versions this summer).
Once those bookmarks are gone I replace them with actual work pages like sheets, calendar and ongoing stuff. I will keep a few listening options: Like podcasts "Oförskämt att anta" and "H3" , works for me after lunch when I crave a "pick me up" and the album "Jesus från Barzaret" for those late night shifts. The intro is a perfect ringtone by the way, more on that in number 3 of my list. 
PS: The "Lofi Girl" channel is also nice. (I think it's AI generated and much like elevator music but on certain times of the day it is what I need) 

3. What does your phone sound like?
Remember the time when customizing the ringtone was your number one priority when getting a new phone? ("the x file theme song" for me) I don't know why but I stopped putting my mark on my phone and have had the default "Reflections" for years. But now I'm back and my phone sounds really interesting. "I did everything right but they indicted me" is the soundbite my phone plays when you send me a text or call me. I recommend using the VoiceMemo app to record the sound and then trim it using the RingSignalMaker app.
And above is a photo of my phone. Yes you are correct I have put a piece of tape om my screen. This brings me to my last step in transitioning into my digital work life.
4. Stop looking at those statistics
I wish I could remove the follower tracker on the Instagram app. It does not help me creatively. I love the community on SOME but those trackers make me doubt myself. So I try not to look.

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