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by Jenny Brandt Grönberg 12 Sep 2022

Hey! Today I wanna enjoy some traveling without the hassle of actually going anywhere. Let's see what I can find on my fav search engine; youtube. Or as my kids used to say "yubbetubbe"  Shloime Zionce, a 28 year old, filmmaker from the US. Travels to Dubai to show us how you can celebrate Passover as a Jew in a Muslim country. He drives around town getting the right stuff for his celebration, all while filming in the usual vlog- way. He takes us to a tailor shop to get alterations made for his attire and also to an alcohol store for kosher wine.

German in Venice He can do an awesome Arnold impersonation. He loves American pop culture and vlogs in a sweet and authentic way about places in California. In this video he takes us to a huge flea market in Pasadena.

Dan Bell, American filmmaker.
I was going to show you a video from his "Dead Mall Serie", where he travels to big, empty malls across the US, but I decided on this one instead. A full length documentary about Margie and Scott, two strangers living in a Florida motel room together. Struggling with alcoholism, homelessness and trauma. 
Even though this video is not a travel vlog, his Youtube channel sure started out as one. 
I guess it is inevitable to not meet homeless people if your job is to visit abandoned places, and this documentary feels like a perfect and natural evolution of Dan Bell´s stories.

David Lynch, who does not need an introduction created a wonderful travel-ish series called the Interview Project. I followed it in 2009, when it started. It gives you the best thing about traveling; namely - meeting random people and starting a conversation. I love it. And let me tell you, if you travel in the Midwest this happens all the time. I've visited Nebraska often since I was a kid and strangers start conversations with you left and right. Something that rarely happens in Sweden. Anyway the project is now scattered all over the internet but I managed to find some, here, on youtube. 

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