Johanna from Tropical Scandinavia came over for a work/fika/social visit yesterday. I (Jenny) have been glued to the news covering lately and frankly I needed something else to focus on. And talking shop and decorating a wall was just what I needed. 
Johanna fits in perfectly in our studio. The prints on the wall is a mix of JOJ work and Tropical Scandinavia. 
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Tropical Scandinavia and JennyoJens have a lot in common. We are both family based biz. Tropical consists of Emil and Johanna and we are Jenny and Jens. Both companies are based in Skåne, the southern part of Sweden. Both of us moved from the city of Malmö once our first kid turned one years old. Swapping apartment for a house in the county side with room for a studio. Tropical have been in their house in Hammenhög for a year and Jens and I have lived in Ystad for 15 years. 
By the way if you haven't yet you should check out David Hockney's drawings  "Arrival of spring" all made on his Ipad, they are beautiful. The book in the picture above with the same name is available here. 
This Tropical print is called Boom Boom and it always makes me sing the intro to the Sopranos.
Carl and the Fly and On track from our own shop and Tropical Prints
Me hammering and Johanna trying to figure out our coding.
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