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by JennyoJens 18 Dec 2020

February 10, 2014 Ystad, Sweden From Jenny´s diary Jens and I just got back from a 30 hour long TV-marathon at a hotel room in Copenhagen. The point of the trip was to start a joint Instagram account where we are going to share our favorite clips. They idea came to us when we talked about Jens’ 39th birthday coming up. The last thing we wanted was to have a party. Jens said “Wouldn’t it be great to just flip through a bunch of great movie clips all day?” “Yes! And then make an Instagram account so we can share them and talk about them?!” It was decided. We booked a hotel in Copenhagen and made all the arrangements. We stayed at the SAS Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen for 30 hours, ordered take out and ate in bed while watching TV with our eyes slowly turning into squares (that’s what my mom used to say would happen to me for watching TV 24/7) The clips made us laugh, cry and scream in terror and some made the cut. “TV with JennyoJens” is up and running. Our plan is to post one clip every day for one year. Follow us if you like. UPDATE: We only made it to 152 We really like the description of the account that one follower gave us today: “I have a feeling that this account is going to be very random and very amusing”

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