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by JennyoJens 07 Jun 2022

Hey! Let's go outside.

Jens is always up for a hike and sometimes we bring the camera.

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Can you spot him?

Our regular hike takes us around a lake close to our house. The woods surrounding the lake is mostly beech and oak trees. That type of woods give us white Anemones in early may and Ramson in June, as seen above.

We usually hear the cuckoo, the woodpecker and if we walk at night... the nightingale. I'm the type of person who interrupt people and point out bird sounds "Wait! A cuckoo! Do you hear it?" I've noticed some people get annoyed at this... as if they think I'm trying to teach them, I know everyone knows what a cuckoo sound like. It is very recognizable. I'm pretty sure even people who hear it for the first time will think "Hmm that must be a cuckoo". My point is simply: "Are you listening?

On our way out of the woods we walk by this scenery, sometimes the sky looks like this, as it's been designed by studio Ghibli.

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