Johanna from Tropical Scandinavia made this gallery wall at their Hammenhög
showroom. It's a mix of our prints and theirs.  Jenny went there to take som photos.
Our art prints work so well together 😍
The framed large art print above is "Parking Lot Smile" photographed outside a supermarket in Ystad.
Rearranging frames
Circulate the Gift waiting for a frame
 Carpet "Check Check"  from TRP
Close up of "Parking Lot Smile", our latest art print.
Johanna finding the perfect place
Lamp and table from Swedish Ninja. Sofa from Sofacompany Carpets , cushions and prints from Tropical Scandinavia.
JennyoJens Art prints featured in this post
Parking Lot Smile, 70x100cm
Carl and the Fly, 70x70cm
Carl, inked  70x70cm
Lolly 70x100cm
Vinyl Guy 70x100cm