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by JennyoJens 18 Mar 2022

We all have different strategies, ways to slow down the mind. Jens and I are creatures of habit and we strive for making few plans, and taking one day at a time. Most people might find that boring. That's fine.

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Since Friday is all about enjoying life I want to show you what YouTube is recommending us to watch today. This is my (Jenny's) login on YouTube and since we usually watch from my device I'm in charge. However I can rarely get Jens to watch Eckhart Tolle (the ultimate unwind expert). But other then that this is what we watch together and often fall asleep to. As you can see we are into therapists reacting to TV shows, funny animal videos and music.

There was a time when we watched reality TV, now we only watch youtubers watch and react to reality TV. Like "Katie from Without a Crystal Ball" who discuss the world of fundamentalists' shows like The Duggers and Sister Wives.  "Psychology In Seattle", our favorite youtuber at the moment, Dr Kirk Honda reacts to relationships featured on the show 90 day fiancé. He is so sweet and non judgmental. We love him.
Also "Cinema Therapy" who talks about mental health via blockbuster movies is also a good one. Spoiler: They don't think that Bella and Edward's relationship is healthy.

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Today we are also watching/listening to german DJ's Keinemusic session in the GTA "The Cayo Perico Heist", on the fictional beach of Cayo Perico islands.

Not a gamer? No problem, neither are we, watch the session on YouTube above.

Also on my YouTube today: The Weeknds album Dawn FM, featuring Jim Carrey as a radio DJ, talking about life and stuff in between songs is great for unwinding. I know that Eckhart Tolle did not write this but it sounds like something he would say. 
Listen to "Phantom Regret by Jim"

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