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by JennyoJens 08 Feb 2022

It's difficult grasping one's own age, right? We know we are 42 and 47 years old. But to really understand it we had to take a look at the history of entertainment. The result was quite illuminating. This is what we found out... .

When Jenny was born M*A*S*H was on it's 7th season and Loretta Swit aka "Hotlips" was 42 years old. The same age as Jenny is today.

When Jens was born actor Adam West (everyone's favorite Batman) was on the cover of TV Guide. Adam West was 47 years old, just like Jens is today.

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And when Adam West was born Hattie Mcdaniel won the oscars for her performance as Manny in "Gone with the wind". She was 47 years old. Just like Jens is today and just like Adam West was in 1975.

And when Loretta Swit was born Buster Keaton starred in Ditto, at the age of 42. Like Jenny is today and Loretta Swit was in 1979 Wow, now it all makes sense. .

Before you go...
1. There are a bunch of vintage TV Guide mags for sale on ebay. Like this one, with the X files on the cover.
2. Jack Nicholson was 42 years old when he starred in The Shining. Read about how it was shoot here
3. Jenny started her first blog in 2005 it was called "Violas hus" and was made for sharing pictures with relatives.
4. ... also in 2005: Youtube uploaded it's first video "me at the zoo"

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