Our studio is starting to look like itself again after several weeks of photo projects. Last month we had Swedish Kosta Boda here, shooting a spring collection. Jens and I were not involved in the images, we merely provided them with our home. It's very rejuvenating seeing creatives bustling around the house, styling and seeing angels in a diffrent way then we do. I'm hoping to show you the results later.
Since then I've been photographing wallpaper sets for Rebel Walls. Usually for this type of shoots we do a lot of repainting and the thrift store hunting. I've been thrift shopping all my adult life and I've picked up a lot of fun stuff that I can use in my work. Above are a few examples. 
Last time I worked with them I bought this amazing module sofa that I think looks really nice with their Pixie wallpaper.
This is a thrifted Ikea table, painted yellow. 
 We stick the completed images on the wall to better keep track of how the work is progressing (blocked out because not allowed to show it yet). The red chair is another Ikea-find. 80s maybe?


That's all for now.