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by JennyoJens 20 Dec 2022

Christmas break is just around the corner and if you've been eying one of our art prints; now is the time to send your Santa our way.
We've added a gift card to our catalog with the starting price 300SEK all the way up to 2500SEK (that will get you our 70x100cm art print), the gift card is valid for a year.
Our store is powered by Shopify and we are using their system for gift cards.
Naturally they are super secure and easy to use.
This is how it works if you want to buy one:
1. Decide on a price for the gift cards.: 300SEK / 500SEK / 700SEK / 1500SEK / 2200SEK / 2500SEK and proceed to checkout.
2. Once the purchase has been made you will get an order confirmation to your inbox with the code. It will look like this:

3. Now decide on how you want to gift it: digitally or physically.
For a digital gift simply e-mail or text the digital gift card, with the code straight to the recipient from the order confirmation page whenever you want.
If you want a physical gift card you can print the confirmation page or use one of our printable images, or simply transfer the code to a handwritten card. As long as the recipient gets the voucher code its all good.

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