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by JennyoJens 28 Jan 2022

This is us: Jenny and Jens. In our studio in southern Sweden. This year we're getting back into blogging, with a brand new blog here on our site. About what? you ask. We haven't decided yet but it will probably be pretty random. There will be images for sure and talk about everyday type of things. Jens might even show you some of the old television sets he's bought lately. We'll see.

So many images nowhere to post Lately Instagram hasn't felt as inspiring as it used to, but staying away from it has left us with a bunch of images without a home. That wont do, we need our own space for them to keep track of what happens in our life and in the future use the posts to reminisce. A picture diary like in the old days, before instagram. A good old fashion blog.

Jenny o Jens 2.0 2022 will also mark a new era for our company. We've moved all our inventory to a professional distributer, here in Ystad, Sweden. They will handle all orders and provide prompt customer service. Giving you a better buying experience and us better sleep at night, knowing your orders are taken care of in the best possible way.

Before you go...
- We've added lots of new interior images for our product. Like these.
- You can still find us on Instagram @jennyojens
- If you are into TV, like us, check out our old instagram @tv_with_jenny_o_jens where we list 152 clips that we like. We went to Copenhagen for 2 days to complete the list. Read about that here.
-Lastly "Stone in Focus" By Aphex Twin is what we are listening to today.

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